What is going on?

  • The track is under new management by CRC Entertainment LLC. CRC is managed by two gentlemen from the DMV area named Chris and Rob, who maintain and operate the facility.

Are there new owners?

  • CRC Entertainment LLC are not technically owners. We are collaborating with the owner of the facility and have exclusive sole rights to the operation and purchase of the property for the next 10 years.

What can I do to help get the track ready?

  • Right now, no added help is required at the facility. Please do not show up at the track unannounced or you will be turned away.

Will the track be going back to dirt?

  • The short answer is No. The track will remain an asphalt track. In fact, 289,000sqft of new asphalt is being laid as we speak to repair the damaged portions of track including the back straight. We understand a lot of people loved the original dirt track and with ongoing community support we may be able to accommodate some dirt events in the future.

Will circle track racing return?

  • Yes, circle track racing will return along with other forms of motorsports. We will be looking for input from the community on which classes and styles of racing you would like to see and take part in at the facility. The schedule and dates for these events are still unknown and we will seek input from the community on this also.

When is the next event?

  • We are hoping to host our first public event in June. Please follow the social media platforms for more information as soon as it becomes available.

Do you need a promoter?

  • Currently, we do not need a promoter, but we are looking for promoters for other companies who would like to hold events at the facility. If you are a promoter or a local business or individual and would like to discuss holding events at SMS, please contact info@southamptonmotorspeedway.com.

What kind of events will be held at the facility?

  • Currently, the only events planned are drift events. We would like to hold other events such as enduros, go-karts, circle track, etc., at the facility and will be planning that for the upcoming seasons. The scheduled drift events at the facility will be open to the public so come join us and check it out. We are looking forward to everyone experiencing our special racing community and enjoying it as we do.

Are you building a drag strip?

  • Currently there are no plans to build a drag strip but will be looking into this in the future if there is interest.

When are you opening?

  • We are still currently working through several items before we can open to the public. Please follow our social media platforms and we will let you know when we will be open to the public as soon as we can. We are looking forward to seeing you!

Will there be rentals for testing or garage space?

  • Once the facility has been opened to the public, teams and individuals will be able to rent the facility for public and private events. Follow the social media platforms for more information as it becomes available. Currently the facility has no indoor garage space to rent. If there is interest, we can investigate that in the future.

How do I contact the racetrack?

  • If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at info@southamptonmotorspeedway.com. Before contacting, please check the FAQ page on our website. Also follow us on social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram and Facebook for all the most current information.

Thank you for all the support and interest in Southampton Motor Speedway. We are looking forward to meeting each and every one of you as we breathe new life into this facility for everyone to enjoy as it was meant to be!

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