The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events.  These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules.   NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM PUBLICATIONS OF OR COMPLIANCE WITH THESE RULES AND OR REGULATIONS.  They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator, or official.


The race director shall be empowered to permit reasonable and appropriate deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his/her opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements.  NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM SUCH ALTERATION OF SPECIFICATIONS.  Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials. Their decision is final.


The Management of CRC Entertainment LLC and Southampton Motor Speedway

  • Event Rules and Regulations
  • Karts are prohibited from being driven in the pits- No exceptions!
  • Open flames are not allowed in the Pit Area, especially inside enclosed trailers. Small propane/MAPP torches used for heating tires are the only acceptable exception to this rule.
  • When on track, drivers must remain in their karts at all times unless instructed by a track official. Do not exit your kart unless it is on fire and take caution of other vehicles that may be on the track.
      • Drivers must keep all body parts inside the vehicle at all times.
  • Driver Qualifications and Safety
  • Minor Participants (17 and under) must have a Minor’s Release form completed and signed by one parent or guardian prior to entering the pit area.
      • All drivers must sign the appropriate liability waiver and obtain the appropriate credentials before entering the facility or racing surface.
  • Cameras shall not be affixed to the helmet in any way. Officials are to immediately black flag and remove from the course any driver that enters a session, official or otherwise, with a camera mounted in any way to a helmet.
  • Electronic communications between the driver and other parties are prohibited at all SMS karting events. 
      • DRIVERS MEETING IS MANDATORY! If you miss the scheduled drivers’ meeting or tech inspection times you may not be able to participate in the event. Please notify a track official as soon as possible if you will not make the scheduled drivers meeting BEFORE PURCHASING A DRIVERS PASS
      • Driver must pay very close attention to all flaggers and course workers. If any of their instructions are ignored, the driver will be, at a minimum, kicked off track for the session. If the offense is repeated or unsafe, the driver could be ejected from the event.
      • Safety Equipment
  • Head Gear – Full coverage (full face) helmets designed for use in competitive motor sports are mandatory. Helmets must comply with one of the following:
          • SA2015, SA2020, K2015, K2020, M2015, M2015, M2020, CMS2016, CMR2016, SFI-Spec 24.1/2015 or 2020, SFI-Spec 31.1/2015 or 2020, SFI-Spec 41.1/2015/2020, FIA 8859-2015 or FIA 8860-2018
  • Eye Protection – Eye protection is required and accomplished by employing a full­ face shield integral with the helmet. Tinted visors are allowed.
  • Neck Brace – Collar-type, unaltered neck braces designed for karting use are mandatory in all Kid, Cadet and Junior Kart classes. Losing a neck brace on the track is cause for immediate removal of the competitor from the track racing surface.
  • Chest protectors – Must meet SFI specification 20.1 and are mandatory for all drivers in classes where the age is 12 or lower.
  • Driver Apparel – Drivers are required to wear jackets of leather, vinyl, abrasion resistant nylon or equivalent, and full-length pants to prevent or minimize abrasions. Shoes, full-length socks, and full coverage gloves are mandatory. Apparel items such as bandanas, sweater hoods, sweatpants, loose belts, loose jewelry, etc., which can entangle in a kart, are not permitted.
  • Hair – If hair extends appreciably from beneath the competitor’s helmet level, it is mandatory that participant wears a “balaclava” or head-sock to keep hair from extending outside of the helmet.
  • Weight – Ballast weights such as weight belts, ankle weights, etc. are prohibited from being added to the driver or driving apparel.
  • Driver Registration and Pit Pass Fees
      • A birth certificate or state or federal identification card may be required when registering drivers so they can be placed in the appropriate age group. 
      • A Parent/legal guardian must be present when registering a participant under the age of 18.
      • A Driver’s class will be determined by the age of the driver on January First of the ensuing competition season. If during the season the driver is old enough, they may move up to the next class with Race Directors approval. Once the driver has advanced to the next class, they may not revert to a younger class without Race Director Approval. 
      • Driver registrations are non-transferable.
      • The Board of Directors of SMS, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to refuse or revoke membership and participation privileges from anyone, and to change the schedule of costs, schedule of events, and competition rules, as needed, in the best interests of SMS.
      • Fees
        • Driver Registration per event
          • $80.00 Per event, per driver for First registered class
          • $50.00 Per event, per driver for any additional class registrations
        • One day pit pass prices
          • $10 All ages twelve (12) and over
          • Kids under the age of twelve (12) are 50% off with a paid adult.
    • Transponders
      • All race entries entering the racing surface during race day must have a working transponder mounted on them. This includes all rounds; Practice, Qualifying, Heat, and Feature Race. Please have your transponder on for practice. This helps us to ensure the transponders are working before qualifying.
      • If the competitor owns their own transponder, they should include the transponder number on their membership form or during driver registration so that they can be entered into the scoring system. 
      • Competitors may rent transponders from SMS if available. Cost-$15/day and a deposit is required. Inquire at Driver registration for rental.
      • It is the racers responsibility to make sure that the transponder is affixed to the kart prior to entering the racing surface for each Practice, Qualifying, Heat, and Feature races. Once on the track the kart may not be stopped for a transponder to be added. Entries without transponders are not scored for the race. 
      • The transponder must be affixed in the approved holder. Placing a transponder anywhere on the driver is prohibited.
  • Points System
      • Points are awarded based on the SMS Point Schedule below
  • First (1st) place receives 50 points. Each position after receives 2 points less until 25th position, and all remaining positions receive 2 points.


SMS Point Schedule

1st 50pts

2nd 48pts

3rd 46pts

4th 44pts

5th 42pts

6th 40pts

7th 38pts

8th 36pts

9th 34pts

10th 32pts

11th 30pts

12th 28pts

13th 26pts

14th 24pts

15th 22pts

16th 20pts

17th 18pts

18th 16pts

19th 14pts

20th 12pts

21st 10pts

22nd 8pts

23rd 6pts

24th 4pts

25th 2pts

26th 2pts

27th 2pts

28th 2pts


    • For determination of year end awards, one points-event is dropped. Rain outs/Non-Events cannot be used as a dropped event.
    • Kids Class is participation only, no points are awarded.
  • First (1st) place in each Heat will receive one point.
  • Driver black flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct receive zero points for the race and the event is considered non-droppable. Drivers who are black flagged for any other reason will receive last place points and may be used as a dropped race.
  • If a driver does not make it into the feature race but participated in the Heat Race they will receive last place points.
  • In the event of a tie in the point total at year’s end, the tie will be broken by the driver who had the most Feature Race wins. If there are no wins or the number of wins was the same, the tie will be broken by the driver with the most Feature Race seconds, the most thirds, etc.
  • If a driver advances to a higher class during racing season, points from the previous class do not carry over. The Driver will be awarded last place for any events missed in the new class before the advancement for each prior race they participated in.
  • Heat Race may be used for Feature Race points when the Feature Race is not run.

  • Race Program
      • Driver Registration is open from 9am till the end of the second practice. Any driver not registered before qualifying will start at the rear of the field.
  • When applicable, SMS will run 5 Driver classes: Kids, Cadet, LO206 Junior, LO206 Senior, TAG (details below)
  • Class order will be discussed in the drivers meeting. Please arrive for your class at the staging lanes prior to your classes start time prepared to enter the track.
  • For each class there will be:
  • 2 Practices (5 min each)
  • Class practices start promptly at 10:30am. Drivers are expected to be in the staging area when practice starts to expedite practice sessions
          • Practice sessions are not mandatory. We encourage you to participate in at least one practice to ensure your transponder is working properly.
  • 1 Qualifying (5min)
          • An announcement will be made over the PA system 10 minutes before Qualifying begins. You should be in the staging area before your class is ready to race.
          • You must be registered to drive and have a working transponder to qualify. If either of these is not completed, you will not qualify.
          • If you do not qualify you will start at the back of the field for the Heat Race.
  • 1 Heat Race (8 laps)
          • An announcement will be made over the PA system 10 minutes before the Heat Race begins. You should be in the staging area before your class is ready to race.
  • Lineup is determined by lap times from qualifying.
  • The fastest qualifier starts in the pole position with the rest of the lineup set via decreasing lap times.
  • If you do not participate in the heat race you will start at the back of the field for the Feature Race.
  • 1 Feature Race (12 laps)
          • An announcement will be made over the PA system 10 minutes before the Feature Race begins. You should be in the staging area before your class is ready to race.
          • Starting positions are determined by finishing positions in the heat race.
  • Class Listings and Requirements
    • Kids
      • Ages 5-7
      • Weight 150lbs
      • Chassis: Kids Kart or Cadet
      • Engine Comer C51
      • Fuel Spec – 87 Octane
      • Tires: Open, 4.6” x 5”
    • Cadet
      • Age 7-12
      • Weight 245lbs
      • Chassis: Cadet or Full Size
      • Engine: Briggs LO206 Sealed Engine
      • Exhaust: RLV #5506 or 5507
      • Carburetor: As supplied by B&S with locking cap
      • Slide: Briggs Green
      • Fuel Spec – 87 Octane
      • Tires: Open, 4.6” x 5”
    • LO206 Junior
      • Age 12-15
      • Weight 310lbs
      • Chassis: Full Size
      • Engine: Briggs LO206 Sealed Engine
      • Exhaust: RLV #5506 or 5507
      • Carburetor: As supplied by B&S with locking cap
      • Slide: Briggs Gold
      • Fuel Spec – 87 Octane
      • Tires: Open
    • LO206 Senior
      • Age 15 and Up
      • Weight 375lbs
      • Chassis: Full Size
      • Engine: Briggs LO206 Sealed Engine
      • Exhaust: RLV #5506 or 5507
      • Carburetor: As supplied by B&S with locking cap
      • Slide: Briggs Black
      • Fuel Spec – 87 Octane
      • Tires: Open
    • Tag (Touch and Go)
      • Age 15 and Up
      • Weight 380/360lbs
      • Chassis: Full Size
      • Engine: 125cc water cooled (non-shifter)/100cc air cooled
      • Fuel Spec – Gas and Oil
      • Tires: Open


Safety will always come first at Southampton Motor Speedway. Motorsports are fun and exciting but also dangerous. All rules must be strictly adhered to in order to participate in events. Anything found to be unsafe or questionable should be reported to track staff immediately. No refunds will be provided for lost track time due to inability to meet any of the rules and regulations listed above. Exceptions may be given for certain requirements if the driver discusses their issue with Southampton Motor Speedway prior to the event. Please see the contact information below if you have any questions or concerns about any of the rules or regulations associated with Southampton Motor Speedway. Have fun!